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Let this be over, let it end
All this torture I can’t withstand
I’m begging you to let me be
I’m pleading for you to set me free
Cut these strings that bind me here
That are made of pain and fear
Release these chains that hold me down
Or in this sorrow I might drown


Your voice resonates in my mind
Softly ringing and unconfined
So many words are still unspoken
Longing for that lock to be broken
To hear all those words that you write
As I see your face in new light
To feel your touch and know you are real
To know you share everything I feel
By the look shining in your eye
And lips releasing that soft sigh
When you pull me close and whisper low
That from my eyes no more tears will flow
You make my heart finally whole
Starting a fire within my soul

This Longing

My arms ache to hold you
My lips crave to kiss you
These ears pining for the sound
To hear your voice all around
This mind yearns to break free
So your love it can see
Because my heart longs to love
And give beyond and above
So come and release me
Your touch will set me free

Her Light Grows

If only you could see her now
To her newfound strength you would bow
Such a light she now holds within
That grew in the dark that had been
Eclipsing her soul for a time
In such a way that was a crime
Never should she have to hide
The love she holds deep inside
Through the world it can now be spread
To other souls that lightly tread
This light within, she shares a piece
To all of those who seek release


I feel so broken deep within
And succumbing to all that’s been
Wishing that my smiles could last
But they fade into the past
The images that plague my mind
Are always far away from kind
They break me more each and every day
I wish each night they would go away
But the stars above don’t hear my cries
And my hope for release slowly dies

The Power of Words

These words that heal and purge my soul
Though darkness seems to take its toll
Releasing demons through this pen
On this page time and again
Each one expelled eases this load
Carried with me down this long road
Though they return once in a while
And seem to steal away my smile
Someday soon I’ll release them again
Through the words I conjure with this pen

Seeking Release

Sitting here alone, the night so still
Tired of pretending, it drains my will
To release my cares is all I need
To give in to the pain that I bleed
To succumb to the sorrow for a moment so brief
To allow this heart to be overcome by its grief
But for a moment only do I reveal
So that this aching heart may begin to heal
As the rain falls to cleanse the air
These tears wash away my despair