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My heart I give without reserve
No longer hiding to preserve
A lonely heart behind a wall
That once was built to stand so tall
Let it tumble and love flow free
And let us love so recklessly
Time will pass and others may fade
But from your side I won’t be swayed
Together we will always rise above
With the wings of unconditional love

Prove Me Wrong

Prove me wrong, I’m tired of being right
Humanity has become such a blight
My expectations low for everyone I meet
Someone who rises above would be such a treat
Show me there is more than what my eyes see
Show me the good that I once thought could be
Take these jaded thoughts from within this heart
And show me I can have a fresh new start
Prove me wrong, I am begging you please
Before this heart can completely freeze


I may stumble, I may fall
I may see to lose it all
But there’s one thing I’ll never do
When it comes to a life that’s true
I’ll take the hits but I’ll prevail
I will never let myself fail

I won’t be consumed by the fire
And in the ice I’ll never tire
I will push on, my soul is strong
I will rise above all that’s wrong
I may seem weak, I may seem frail
But I’ll never let myself fail