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Without Fear

She no longer fears the darkness
She embraces all the madness
And within her heart the pain will fade
As this heart of stone is slowly made
Falling over the edge of sane
Letting go of the broken chain
No longer tethered to a world so cold
She is finally free of its icy hold

No Mercy

Show her no mercy, spare her no pain
Take the last of what has kept her sane
Take the light and the solace it gives
Leave her now in this darkness that lives
With its breath hot upon her neck
And eyes just a shimmering speck
She hears it’s steps moving so quick
Or is that noise just her mind’s trick
She no longer knows what’s real or not
Within this web of life that she’s caught


Some days I feel that I may be
On the brink of insanity
Or perhaps I’ve already crossed that line
And it’s ok because I feel just fine
I’ve joined the rest of the world out there
Where there’s no sanity left to spare
We’ve all gone off the deep end I say
Our minds have certainly gone astray
Why else would we live this life?
That’s full of such certain strife?
Surely we must all be crazy
Either that or we’re just lazy

Run Away

How much I want to run away
So I can be free every day
To have my days filled with sun
So all I think of is fun
Take my mind away from life
Take away it’s sharp-edged knife
Let me pretend that all is right
Just for a time, ignore the fight
That rages now within me
That threatens my sanity


Giving my all but to a fault
Giving so much that I must halt
For the more I give the more I lose
So for my sanity I must choose
Continue to give more than I receive
Give more than any other can conceive
Or do I hold back and limit my gifts
And wait for a time when the giving shifts
But then I may wait till the end of time
For the balance that I would find sublime