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Searching for a way to be free
From I’m where I don’t want to be
I want once again to see love rise
To see clearly through these jaded eyes
Lift the veil that clouds my sight
And see the world in full light

The Best I Can Do

I do the best that I can do
To live my life and to come through
All the pitfalls that are in my way
Without me going too far astray
But within this maze so hard to find
Those you can trust and who will be kind
I’ll keep searching, I know they exist
Just out of sight, somewhere in the mist
Hiding with my dreams just beyond my grasp
But one day soon all of it I will clasp

If I Stay

If I stay within this place
All I am will be erased
The darkness would consume my heart
And my soul would be ripped apart
So I search for my escape
For an idea to take shape
That would lead me away from here
And make all that’s dark disappear