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Not Enough

All she is will never be
Enough for someone to see
All she could be, given the chance
Given more than a second glance
But even then she’ll fall short
And what she is they’ll distort
Until all she was is no more
And she’s left alone on the floor

What Awaits

You tell me all I need to hear
And I only wish you were near
So that in your arms I could be
And your eyes I could once more see
To know for sure your words are true
That it’s me you want next to you
That a new path we can still create
A future unwritten does await


Your gentle touch and soft kiss
So many things that I miss
To have you there by my side
Knowing I could never hide
You always saw me for all I was
All of the good and all of the flaws
You did not judge, you did not condemn
You just loved me for all that I am
Time has passed and years gone by
Do we get another try?
A chance to hope and to dream
That our love we can redeem