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Second Glance

Eyes as deep as the ocean floor
Always seeking, looking for more
Full of wonder, but full of doubt
Always looking for a way out
The seek solace and they seek peace
Within this life they seek release
Pain and suffering all around
And there’s so much hope that has drowned
They see all the world can do
And they shed a tear at the view
But they wait, give another chance
The world’s not seen in just one glance


Searching for a way to be free
From I’m where I don’t want to be
I want once again to see love rise
To see clearly through these jaded eyes
Lift the veil that clouds my sight
And see the world in full light

See Me

See me as I truly am
See beyond this growing damn
Look deeper than just what shows
Read into my simple prose
There’s so much more deep within
Than what shows upon my skin
Many pieces make a whole
If you dare to see my soul
The little things so unique
If you choose to take a peek