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It never changes, everyone lies
The world will spin and everyone dies
But when we’re gone will we leave a mark
Or will our lives fade into the dark
Would anyone notice when I’m gone
Or would they forget me with the dawn
If I stepped back from all I know
Would they notice I didn’t show
Just a shadow upon this life
Finally bowing to all the strife

Cover of Night

Walk with me through darkened streets
Off the path of life’s deceits
We’ll walk in shadows out of sight
With no betrayal by the light
We must keep hidden our heart and soul
From all the hate that would take its toll
It lingers in alleys that we pass
And stares so hard through the window’s glass
Seeking a glimpse of where we might be
Silhouette could betray easily
So be sure to stay where shadows fall
And listen not to it’s tempting call

March 5, 2012

In The Shadows

Clouds move across the sky the way they move across my heart
Casting shadows where once there was light until they break apart
Light comes and light goes, in patterns large and small
Sometimes lasting, other times brief, more shadows fall
Always seeking the light, knowing that somewhere it can be found
Seeking the warmth it gives when those clouds no longer have it bound
Feeling so hopeless at times with no end to the clouds in sight
Losing faith in the ability to continue this fight
Looking again to the sky, watch as the clouds suddenly part
Find the same within myself, there is light still within this heart

Shadows Grasp

Cat and Shadow

Even in light, so many shadows fall
Consuming the corners, seeming so small
But as the light begins to fade
The more shadows start to invade
Stretching their fingers across the land
Making their dark presence seem to grand
Reaching further into your heart
Growing so cold through every part
Your soul has now become cold as ice
Hope is lost in a roll of the dice