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Time So Slow

Thoughts scrambled, my mind a mess
Head is spinning, I confess
What should I think, what should I do
When thoughts run wild because of you
Words you say ring through my head
Goodnight the one that I dread
For hours till we’ll speak again
And my heart aches waiting till then

Genuine Blogger Award

Thank you so much Autumn & Gabby!  They have once again bestowed upon me a lovely award.

Now this one comes with no rules attached, so for those I’m passing this on to don’t feel obligated to do anything with it.  However, rules or not, I enjoy letting my fellow bloggers know how much I enjoy their blogs.  And really everyone here on WordPress that I’ve run across are all so genuine that it’s hard to not do a neverending list of who to share this with.  But as that list would likely be too long for anyone to make it through, I will keep it shortened to a few of my favorites.

So without further ado, I bestow this upon the following:







Lean in close and listen well
To secrets I dare to tell
About my life and my story
And my rise and fall in glory
In all my words I will share
All I have within to bare
My true soul I will let you see
I will not sit by quietly
So read my words if you dare
And walk now into my lair

Her Light Grows

If only you could see her now
To her newfound strength you would bow
Such a light she now holds within
That grew in the dark that had been
Eclipsing her soul for a time
In such a way that was a crime
Never should she have to hide
The love she holds deep inside
Through the world it can now be spread
To other souls that lightly tread
This light within, she shares a piece
To all of those who seek release


Quietly they speak
In tones soft and hushed
Of times not so bleak
When hearts were not crushed
Back when the world made sense
And love was so intense
But love can fade away
They couldn’t make it stay
So with each other they share
About those for whom they care
And though they may have just met
Their hearts share so much regret