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Alone and cold, lying on the floor
She no longer sees an open door
The silence hangs all around
As she lies there on the ground
But darkness holds no fear in this place
And this solitude she will embrace


All around they turn away
None having the words to say
Slowly inside she’s shutting down
As her guard goes up all around
A somber tone in the words she speaks
But an answer back not what she seeks
Her words will fall and go unheard
Yet she will speak on undeterred
Till the silence overtakes
And her mind finally breaks

In These Eyes

Look deep now within these eyes
All I feel I can’t disguise
And I see it in your eyes too
Such passion, such love, shining through
There’s no words that I can say
That a kiss would not convey
So let the silence linger on
And hold me tight until the dawn


Let me sink, just let me go
But this quicksand works so slow
Please take this breath from my chest
It’s jagged draw I detest
And take this beat from my heart
Before it just bursts apart
Remove the touch from my skin
For it has grown much too thin
Please take the sight from my eyes
So I’ll witness no more lies
Give me silence evermore
And grant me peace to my core
With senses gone I can rest
Finally end this endless quest

Deafening Silence

Speak No Evil, See No Evil, Hear No Evil

She cries for help but to her dismay
No one hears for they all turn away
Their eyes are closed to the pain she sustains
Blind to each strike though evidence remains
They are deaf to the screams that ring in the night
That voice that calls out in such anguish and fright
No one speaks up or comes to her aid
No one steps in to end the tirade
The screams will become silent, over at last
But silence is now deafening and so vast
They convince themselves that they bear no guilt
Her blood that night wasn’t by their hand spilt

Bliss in Silence

Silence brings a peaceful bliss
Dissonance she does not miss
Hiding from the world so cold
Safe within this soundless fold
No pain can find her within this place
No hurt can invade inside this space
She builds her defenses and holds her ground
Safe from disappointment from those around
For now she keeps her heart out of reach
In time love may find a way to breach
These walls that she has built out of stone
And show her things she has never known