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More Than You See

She still stands, stronger than you thought
Though not the outcome that you sought
For any challenge she will always rise
All those that urge her to quit she defies
She’s not your puppet led by strings
Not your slave or one of your things
And when all that she is you fail to see
Deep in her heart she will set herself free
The greatest gift you just let slip
Through your fingers and from your grip
And with another she will finally find
True passion exists for her heart and mind

***This was inspired by a wonderful and insightful post by Naima.

Time Slipping Away

Time slips slowly through our grasp
The sands that fall we can’t clasp
The hourglass shows clearly
That all we have held dearly
Will soon join the sands below
As all our memories flow
To the bottom and out of reach
No matter how we may beseech
For Father Time to grant us more
Moments with those whom we adore
Time so finite and the end so sure
Feels so cold yet its intent so pure