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She closes her eyes and breathes so deep
Holding these feelings she aches to keep
Feeling her heart beating quicker
As the haze of dreams grows thicker
This love in her heart will never fade
As memories so sweet are replayed
In her dreams, asleep or awake
Her smile grows, there’s no mistake
In his arms is where she’s meant to be
And so she waits for him patiently


A smile grows upon my lips
A thought so sweet that never slips
A flood brought on by a single song
Of memories that still run so strong
Of day and nights that passed so quick
And feelings that once flowed so thick
But distance and silence made them fade
Until once more that sweet song was played
Once again those ghosts return
Bringing back that slow sweet burn
And thoughts of you now haunt my mind
In a way that is more than kind


So tired of pretending
This facade seems unending
Keep this smile upon my face
As if the pain it does erase
I keep up this act not for me
But for others around to see
Easier to maintain that I’m content
Rather than explain this crawling descent
Into the madness of my mind
Where all my sorrow in confined
Hidden from a world that would rather not view
The darkness within that tries to break through