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The Wind

A cold wind that passes through the night
Unseen by even the brightest light
But its presence is felt so very strong
And so loudly it whistles its sad song
If you listen closely you just may hear
How much it wishes to be one held dear
Like the rays of the sun we let caress our skin
Or the soft moonlight that we so often bask in
Even the rain and snow when it falls soft and light
That we dance in as imagination takes flight
But no love is shown for this ice-cold wind
As we wear our hats and coats to defend
And so it moans on so woefully
And resigns itself so hopelessly

In The Frost

Snow falls silently to the ground
Hiding this world without a sound
Giving cover to all the scars
So now we walk upon the stars
Raising us so high above our past
Memories fade in an icy blast
Lost in the frost that covers this land
We will lose our chance to make a stand
Against a past that has shaken our hope
And has left us no way to truly cope
So we embrace this new wintry land
And all about it we see as grand