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Alone and cold, lying on the floor
She no longer sees an open door
The silence hangs all around
As she lies there on the ground
But darkness holds no fear in this place
And this solitude she will embrace

Falling Within

No one to catch her as she falls
And within her the darkness calls
A soothing lullaby in her ear
Making her forget all of her fear
Within herself she’ll fall deeper
The walls outside growing steeper
To live her days in this solitude
Where her pain and fear can be subdued

Waiting For Fate

With every breath that I take
My solitude I forsake
I ache for you while you’re away
To feel your touch, to know you’ll stay
Is all I need to make it through
Till once more I can be with you
Your words are my strength for this wait
And knowing that you are my fate

Breaking The Ice

Rising like the sun, glow upon her face
Melting away the ice that would encase
Her heart in solitude forevermore
And forever sealing up that closed door

But instead she has broken free
Frozen in time she’ll never be
Her heart will soar on wings of light
And leave behind her life of plight
She’ll soar high and she’ll soar proud
No hiding behind a shroud

Solitude In The Storm

I find myself in utter solitude
And drowning in my own foul attitude
Suffocating under this blanket of despair
And that inner voice is screaming for me to beware
As storm clouds are amassing overhead
Threatening a tempest too harsh to tread
Drowning under the pressure of my own self doubt
Into the open abyss of my heart I shout
Struggling to reach the surface of this riotous sea
The bright light where others exist is where I wish to be
I want to rise above all of this hate and fear
To feel love in my heart and the skies to be clear
But darkness on the horizon is all I can see
And turbulent roads ahead are all there seem to be