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Let this be over, let it end
All this torture I can’t withstand
I’m begging you to let me be
I’m pleading for you to set me free
Cut these strings that bind me here
That are made of pain and fear
Release these chains that hold me down
Or in this sorrow I might drown


Cold seeps in as she closes her eyes
And all around her the darkness tries
To erase the pain and agony
That she has been caused so callously
But all her wounds, even time can’t heal
All of her sorrow the world canĀ feel

Too Late

I wish you’d just hate me for all I am
I can’t keep living a life that’s a sham
Feigning indifference is wearing me down
The sorrow inside threatening to drown
The waters get deeper with each little lie
And the fire inside continues to die
So walk away now before it’s too late
And all that you are is all that I hate

Ocean of Sorrow

Within her eyes are oceans of pain
Filled each day by the unending rain
Waves of sorrow lap against the shore
The blackest sands reach forevermore
Look in those eyes and fall to their spell
And find yourself drowning in her hell
So look away before it’s too late
And you succumb to her tragic fate

Tears From Above

She feels no sorrow, feels no pain
As she looks out into the rain
For as she listened to it drum
Her heart was slowly growing numb
The glass that now feels cold to touch
Mirrors her heart so very much
For as the rain ran down those panes
Her tears would become only stains
Down her face they no longer fall
Let the skies weep for one and all

Can She Overcome?

Pain and sorrow have shaped her life
But can she overcome the strife
Will she be able to love once more
Or is her heart frozen to the core
Can she open enough within
That she can let someone new in
Or will she always keep them at bay
Until they are pushed to run away
She must keep hope that she can overcome
To the pain of this life she can’t succumb

In Those Eyes

Misery seems to fill her eyes
But so few see through her disguise
A sweet smile covers her face
With a soft glow it lights this place
Though a sorrow exists within
To it fully she won’t give in
Around the corner she will find
A gazing pair of eyes so kind
Be they blue or brown or green
They will hold that peace foreseen
They will see beyond her sorrow
Hold her heart for each tomorrow

Hope So Sweet

A quiet laugh escapes her lips
The hold of sorrow slowly slips
For a moment so brief, a chance for change
This feeling of hope, a feeling so strange
She grabs it still and holds it close
Inside her mind a private toast
Thanking the stars for this feeling so sweet
Praying that this hope will never retreat
But life so harsh will often take
Those things that hold the highest stake
So we will dream of its return some day
Until we see it never went away


In my reflection a stranger stares back
It’s not my face for its soul seems so black
A stranger who exists in a world so cold
And staring me down in a manner so bold
This person can’t be who I have become
This tortured soul who learned to be so numb
Joy seems drained and smiles are so few
Laughter is gone and sorrow seeps through
I watch in disbelief as this face starts to cry
Feeling the tears run down, my cheeks no longer dry
For this face reflected is my own
It is my own sorrow that is shown

Seeking Release

Sitting here alone, the night so still
Tired of pretending, it drains my will
To release my cares is all I need
To give in to the pain that I bleed
To succumb to the sorrow for a moment so brief
To allow this heart to be overcome by its grief
But for a moment only do I reveal
So that this aching heart may begin to heal
As the rain falls to cleanse the air
These tears wash away my despair