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Soaring Free

Oh how she aches to be free
From all of life’s tragedy
To grow wings and fly away
Into skies not touched by gray
Where she could soar way up high
Touch the sun that lights the sky
Visit the moon and the stars
Have them erase all her scars
Feeling freedom on her face
As she finally takes her place
Among the clouds, soft and white
Where she can dance with delight
But she wakes and finds again
This life that she’s trapped within

Forgotten Hopes

The shadows fall long across the ground
The day is fading without a sound
The sun falls low in the sky
Stars appear to catch your eye
Looking up to hopes that were lost
Thinking back on the problems crossed
So much in our lives we have conquered
Yet we feel our dreams are not answered
We stop looking at those stars above
Forgetting there’s any hope for love
Those tiny lights we used to dream upon
Flickering and fading until their gone
Once we forget to look up high
Those distant hopes will fade and die

Twinkle Twinkle…

Not a Double Star

The stars burn brightly in the night sky
Listening to wishes from up high
But upon deaf ears those wishes fall
Just twinkling lights that are so small
No magic lies in them to grant secret dreams
No mystic power resides in their white beams
But still wishes we wish and dreams we dream
For our lives to be more than what they seem

Night Sky

Night Sky 5

The sun falls slowly from the sky
Deepening colors catch your eye
Stars appears in the darkening blue
Shining bright in the deepening hue
More and more as the minutes pass
Covering the sky, open and vast
Each one a hope, each one a dream
Each one a tear, each one a scream
We whisper our hopes and our fears
Shedding our sorrow and our tears
Sharing our dreams with the sky above
Searching for answers, and for love


This is the last one that I have that I wrote while I was in middle school and another that I had gotten published.