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The Storm

In the distance thunder rumbles
And from the clouds lightning tumbles
The smell of rain clings to the breeze
The clouds move swiftly with such ease
The storm is building and moving near
A darkening sky that once was clear
Upon this place its fury released
Ravaging all like a hungry beast
Then vanishing off in the distance
Taking all trace of its existence

Through The Storm

Her heart has survived through the storm
She held tight to its fragile form
The damage she tries to repair
Scrubbing away all the despair
All the anger and all the hate
She washes away to create
A brand new story for her soul
A story where she’ll be made whole
Never again will she look back
At the time the skies were black

Held Steady

She breathes deeper every day
Clouds above no longer gray
The storm has passed and she still stands
She’s held steady now by his hands
They promise to catch her should she fall
In those hands she has no fear at all
She’ll take chances she swore never to take
With him by her side a new life they’ll make
In each other’s arms each night they’ll lay
And together they will greet each day

Rhythm of the Rain

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Dark clouds hang heavy overhead
With an ominous sense of dread
No light this day is shining through
The storm above begins to brew
Winds sweeping and lightning flashes
In the distance thunder crashes
The rain falling in heavy sheets
The worlds now a drum that it beats
It keeps a rhythm true and pure
That nothing could ever obscure
So as the rain falls this day
And the trees do gently sway
Let the rhythm fill your heart
And let that dread now depart

Solitude In The Storm

I find myself in utter solitude
And drowning in my own foul attitude
Suffocating under this blanket of despair
And that inner voice is screaming for me to beware
As storm clouds are amassing overhead
Threatening a tempest too harsh to tread
Drowning under the pressure of my own self doubt
Into the open abyss of my heart I shout
Struggling to reach the surface of this riotous sea
The bright light where others exist is where I wish to be
I want to rise above all of this hate and fear
To feel love in my heart and the skies to be clear
But darkness on the horizon is all I can see
And turbulent roads ahead are all there seem to be