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From The Ashes

fallen angel - flickr by chiaralily

Through the chaos of her life
All the struggles and the strife
She’s risen up from the ash
Though pale and weak from the crash
The flames still licking at her feet
Despite her fear there’s no retreat
She must go on, she can’t sit still
Lest the fire consume her will
Strength is hers, she must hold it tight
So it may bring her to the light

No Rest

Pressure building with wave upon wave
Always asking for more than I gave
Running on empty but there’s a mile more to go
Struggling so hard but the progress is slow
Determined I continue without a moment’s rest
My will and my endurance being put to the test
So easy to concede, to just take a seat
But forfeit is no way for me to be beat
So on I will go, down this long road
Each mile I shed more of this load