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Waiting No More

Behind those eyes so pure and deep
So many secrets that they keep
Feelings are veiled and truth is hidden
And entry within is forbidden
Though she’s waited to be allowed in
Her patience is starting to wear thin
Her life she won’t just put on hold
So she can be treated so cold
She’s fought in battles and she’s survived
And countless times she has been deprived
So don’t count on her waiting anymore
She’s already starting to close the door

Make Our Escape

Come now and let’s make our escape
Letting a new future take shape
We’ll leave behind worries and fear
For a horizon that’s so clear
Let us drown in each other’s eyes
Be immune to the world’s demise
As it crashes around our feet
From the rubble we will retreat
We will conquer and we will thrive
And together we will survive

Not Alone

The words she speaks ring so hollow
She needs no one hard to swallow
She stands up tall and she won’t sway
But defiant words do betray
The more she insists no help she needs
The more that the truth from her heart bleeds
That all alone she can’t survive
And even though she seems to thrive
Without those close who hold her hand
Then she could never make this stand