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Drawing Near

Thunder rolling deep within
As the end is closing in
She knows what’s coming, she has no fear
Quietly waiting as time draws near
Bracing herself against the cold
Letting go of what she can’t hold
Watching it all slip slowly away
Wondering how things went so astray
Closing her eyes and breathing deep
All of her control she must keep

The Storm

In the distance thunder rumbles
And from the clouds lightning tumbles
The smell of rain clings to the breeze
The clouds move swiftly with such ease
The storm is building and moving near
A darkening sky that once was clear
Upon this place its fury released
Ravaging all like a hungry beast
Then vanishing off in the distance
Taking all trace of its existence

Rhythm of the Rain

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Dark clouds hang heavy overhead
With an ominous sense of dread
No light this day is shining through
The storm above begins to brew
Winds sweeping and lightning flashes
In the distance thunder crashes
The rain falling in heavy sheets
The worlds now a drum that it beats
It keeps a rhythm true and pure
That nothing could ever obscure
So as the rain falls this day
And the trees do gently sway
Let the rhythm fill your heart
And let that dread now depart

Thunder In My Heart

Intercloud lightnings over Toulouse (France). ...

 Raindrops are falling from the sky
Hiding tears streaming from my eye
Thunder rolls deep within my heart
Lightning strikes as it rips apart
Not lost love or heartache causing this pain
But loss of faith that love will ever reign
Past love found has ended so bleak
Pain felt from each has left me weak
To trust and love someone takes such strength
Easier to keep others at arm’s length
But solitude is no way to live
When a heart holds so much love to give