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Hold me tight, never let me go
And let’s give the whole world a show
Let’s show them how the craziest plans
Can make so much sense in loving hands
Let them tell us we’re fools to even try
And that in the end we will only cry
But the tears we shed will be in joy
And the love we feel they can’t destroy
Together we will always overcome
And only to our hearts will we succumb

Falling Deeper

I don’t have much, but I’ll give you my all
On the promise that together we’ll fall
Give me your heart and I’ll give you mine
And what we’ll have no one can define
Deeper still we will tumble down
In each other’s eyes we can drown
And never will we look back
For there’s nothing that we’ll lack

Speaking Without Words

All the little things that you do
Says so very much about you
A gentle caress of my cheek
Wiping my tears when I can’t speak
A tender kiss as I walk through the door
No spoken words could possibly say more
You hold me close just to let me know
There’s still so much you have yet to show
That love within runs wild and deep
As together we make this leap