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Words unspoken as their eyes meet
Kisses so soft that taste so sweet
Lingering there a moment more
Causing a shiver to her core
A gentle stroke across her cheek
And she is left trembling and weak
Holding her close, this gem so rare
Fingers tangled within her hair
See in her eyes a love so deep
That is now his to hold and keep


Hands gently brushing the hair from my face
And everything stands still in time and space
Fingers running slowly down my arm
And all my defenses you disarm
I melt into you as you pull me tighter
You kiss me so deep and my heart grows lighter
And all the world seems to just disappear
The beating of our hearts is all I hear


I want to make you fall in love with me
Every single day for eternity
And wake each morning to your touch
And to your kiss that says so much
Let me sleep each night in your arms
As I succumb to all your charms
So into forever let us go
Where our love will never cease to flow


Let me sink, just let me go
But this quicksand works so slow
Please take this breath from my chest
It’s jagged draw I detest
And take this beat from my heart
Before it just bursts apart
Remove the touch from my skin
For it has grown much too thin
Please take the sight from my eyes
So I’ll witness no more lies
Give me silence evermore
And grant me peace to my core
With senses gone I can rest
Finally end this endless quest


The wind blows gently through her hair
Quietly she hopes that he’ll dare
Brush away the strands upon her face
And so stopping time within this place
To feel his touch a moment longer
As her feelings for him grow stronger
With each passing tick of that invisible clock
The secrets of her heart his soft touch will unlock
So eager she is to give him her all
She forgets about the pain of the fall