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The One

You were the one who once proved me wrong
Even though your stay was not for long
You gave me faith and showed me hope
And when you left I tried to cope
But so many since would test my will
Yet my heart longs to trust even still
In my heart you will always stay
As the one who did not betray
This tender heart you loved so well
Forevermore under your spell

A Thousand Reasons

A thousand reasons to never again
Open up my heart and let someone in
But it only takes one to change a mind
Only one reason that I need to find
But for now it sits just out of reach
And trust something my life doesn’t teach
It won’t come easy, it won’t come quick
But I know one day that it will click
I will find love and I’ll find trust
My point of view I must adjust


adapted from Shattered by hebedesign via flickr

Wanting two things so far apart
One of body and one of heart
But I’m not ready to give my heart away
And even though I wish that I could say
That I am ready to find something that’s true
My heart isn’t the only thing black and blue
My trust has been shattered
And the pieces scattered
Though I try so hard to rebuild
To do it alone I’m not skilled