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Fire burning dim in her eyes
As she sees through all of the lies
The reality becoming clear
As she tries to grasp what she holds dear
But all the illusions turn to smoke
And with each breath she begins to choke
Until she can breathe no more
And falls slowly to the floor

Waiting No More

Behind those eyes so pure and deep
So many secrets that they keep
Feelings are veiled and truth is hidden
And entry within is forbidden
Though she’s waited to be allowed in
Her patience is starting to wear thin
Her life she won’t just put on hold
So she can be treated so cold
She’s fought in battles and she’s survived
And countless times she has been deprived
So don’t count on her waiting anymore
She’s already starting to close the door

Broken Open

Pandora’s box has been unsealed
Secrets within are now revealed
And now that truth has been exposed
The lid can no longer be closed
How could so much have ever fit
And never before have lost it
This soul once held so much within
Now bursting to share all that’s been
And all that will be it won’t hide
No more secrets can stay inside


Once again I disappear
Behind a mask, hide my fear
Let no one see what’s inside
The deepest truth’s, try to hide
Sadness I’ll hold deep within
Show no tears upon my skin
Wear no heart upon my sleeve
Though in my chest it will heave
There’s no weakness I will show
Where to hit they will not know
But can I keep this charade
How long till it starts to fade

Loving in Denial

Loving someone can be so hard to define
Is it who they are or their deceptive design?
De we ever know more than the part they play?
Can we find out the truth before they betray?
Why do we choose to believe the lies they tell
To live in some fantasy that turns to hell
Knowing what the outcome will always be
We still close our eyes so that we won’t see
The truth that hides just out of sight
Keeping itself out of the light