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All around they turn away
None having the words to say
Slowly inside she’s shutting down
As her guard goes up all around
A somber tone in the words she speaks
But an answer back not what she seeks
Her words will fall and go unheard
Yet she will speak on undeterred
Till the silence overtakes
And her mind finally breaks


Alone in a crowd she falls to her knees
This crumpled up doll that nobody sees
Her strength is gone and her will is broken
Her words fall unheard as if unspoken
As she falls prey to all the madness
Another victim of the darkness

Unspoken Words

the written word

Your sweet words I long to hear
Within my heart they are dear
They dry my tears and bring a smile
That sweet cadence that you compile
Their silent whisper soothes my soul
And slowly those words make me whole
Healing wounds that run so deep
An unheard voice in my sleep
Echoing forever in my mind
Your perfect words so sweetly divined