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What If?

Who will be there when I fall
Will anyone care at all?
If I were to pass away
Would anyone mourn that day?
What if I just disappear
Would my absence cause you fear?

Whose fault would it really be
If I’m someone you don’t see
Can I blame the world around
When there’s no one to be found
If I choose to be alone
There’s no surprise I’m unknown

Just A Shadow

A mask

She walks along, alone and unknown
A stranger within this place of stone
Glancing only briefly at faces so cold
Their silent and harsh gazes she cannot hold
Their icy stares pass through her like a knife
As if she doesn’t exist in this life
She continues on with her head hung down so low
Drawing no attention, as if just a shadow
So many in life whose stories remain untold
Striving only to fit into some perfect mold
Like the others she will wear her mask
And in the moment they all will bask
Pretending for a time they are loved and known
Despite that their true selves are never shown

Fate’s Taunt


Darkness falls and the night closes in
Heavy on my heart, this loneliness within
To feel such pain from something I don’t want
For each rejection, I hear only Fate’s taunt
That I’m meant for no one, destined to be alone
To live out my days and never truly be known


Crowded street

Surrounded by faces and unknown by them all
Stumbling in this sea of strangers, try not to fall
Secrets are kept and traits are hidden
Exposing our true selves feels forbidden
Walking through this life in isolation
Living each day in sheer resignation
To be unknown by all those around
Is a pain so deep the tears run down