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Alone in a crowd she falls to her knees
This crumpled up doll that nobody sees
Her strength is gone and her will is broken
Her words fall unheard as if unspoken
As she falls prey to all the madness
Another victim of the darkness


She lies wounded, scars exposed to all
Her tears run red, colored by her fall
Her blank stare gazes toward the sky
As the world and time just pass her by
Alone and forgotten by those around
Within her own mind is where she’ll stay bound
No smiles will she give, no words will she speak
No solace she craves, nor pity does she seek
Her inner peace she has found at last
She’s no longer haunted by the past


Post Script – To assuage any potential concerns for my mental state, this was inspired by simply watching too many crime dramas on TV.  So fear not my friends!  🙂

Falling Forevermore

Where were you when I needed you
I was so alone, falling through
To a hell that I couldn’t see
A place that no one wants to be
Where were you when the tears I cried
That were caused by all those who lied
Fell unseen to the darkest pit
With no bottom to ever hit
And so they fell forevermore
Never hitting a solid floor

Falling Down

Tears are falling but unseen
Barely leaving a thin sheen
Down the cheeks of her gentle face
Sliding down with a quiet grace
She wipes them away but it’s no use
The dam that held them has broken loose
So let them run freely as they should
To clear the soul as only they could

The Wind

A cold wind that passes through the night
Unseen by even the brightest light
But its presence is felt so very strong
And so loudly it whistles its sad song
If you listen closely you just may hear
How much it wishes to be one held dear
Like the rays of the sun we let caress our skin
Or the soft moonlight that we so often bask in
Even the rain and snow when it falls soft and light
That we dance in as imagination takes flight
But no love is shown for this ice-cold wind
As we wear our hats and coats to defend
And so it moans on so woefully
And resigns itself so hopelessly