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Weakness I hide, only strength will I show
My pain and suffering you’ll never know
I’ll keep on the mask, maintain the façade
With head held high, face your firing squad
I’ll be there to save you any way I can
But who will save me, where is my superman?
When will I feel safe to let my tears flow
When will it be ok to just let go

Growing Hunger

Once again her hunger grows
Upon her prey she will close
In the night she will stalk
Eyes as sharp as a hawk
Looking for one to satisfy
Fulfill her needs and gratify
Upon his soul she will feast
Letting loose her inner beast
But her heart he could steal
Her weakness he’ll reveal


I stand tall all on my own
Upon my face strength is shown
But deep within so much more
Lies locked behind this closed door
These words I offer are the key
For the world to finally see
That within my walls I’m still scared
That by this world I won’t be spared
For its ravenous appetite
It won’t hear my desperate plight
For it to pass me by next time
And let me continue my climb
Out of the hole of my past
So I may be free at last


Harsh words of judgement fall from their lips
Condemning eyes create this eclipse
Suffocating under disgrace and shame
No longer able to reject their blame
No comfort here will she find
Their words have strayed far from kind
No shoulder to lean on and no ear to confide
Weaknesses are exploited once they are supplied
Asking for mercy earns no relief
She lies here now in such disbelief
Judgement is passed, she has earned no reprieve
Her soul to be damned, its loss she will grieve