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From The Ashes

fallen angel - flickr by chiaralily

Through the chaos of her life
All the struggles and the strife
She’s risen up from the ash
Though pale and weak from the crash
The flames still licking at her feet
Despite her fear there’s no retreat
She must go on, she can’t sit still
Lest the fire consume her will
Strength is hers, she must hold it tight
So it may bring her to the light

Savoring Defeat

All the past, the pain and fear
Fade away when you are near
In your eyes there shines a light
That takes away all my fright
You make me feel so much more
ThanĀ I thought I could before
Deeper into your web I fall
Against my will I give you all
Though I swore I would not give in
My resolve broken by your grin
So speak your words so soft and sweet
And I will concede my defeat

Who I Wish To Be

In the haze of my dreams I see
The person that I wish to be
I see her strength and her will
Going through life with such skill
She bends to no one, holds her head high
Her eyes as clear as the open sky
No clouds linger in her gaze
And her sweet heart never strays
From the path it has chosen to take
A heart so strong it will never break
And each day I will strive to be
This person in the haze I see