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Rhythm of the Rain

A return stroke, cloud-to-ground lightning strike.

Dark clouds hang heavy overhead
With an ominous sense of dread
No light this day is shining through
The storm above begins to brew
Winds sweeping and lightning flashes
In the distance thunder crashes
The rain falling in heavy sheets
The worlds now a drum that it beats
It keeps a rhythm true and pure
That nothing could ever obscure
So as the rain falls this day
And the trees do gently sway
Let the rhythm fill your heart
And let that dread now depart

The Wind

A cold wind that passes through the night
Unseen by even the brightest light
But its presence is felt so very strong
And so loudly it whistles its sad song
If you listen closely you just may hear
How much it wishes to be one held dear
Like the rays of the sun we let caress our skin
Or the soft moonlight that we so often bask in
Even the rain and snow when it falls soft and light
That we dance in as imagination takes flight
But no love is shown for this ice-cold wind
As we wear our hats and coats to defend
And so it moans on so woefully
And resigns itself so hopelessly

Upon The Breeze

Wind blowing softly through the air
Passing us by without a care
Lifting the leaves from off the ground
Their rustling is the only sound
Standing here quietly we look to the sky
Looking for our dreams that may have passed us by
Within this breeze were they carried away?
Could they ever come back to us one day?
Perhaps they were taken to another place
To someone else more deserving of their grace
The wind dies down and the leaves they fall
Leaving us alone, feeling so small