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She closes her eyes and begins to see
All of those things she wishes could be
To be held so tight and held so dear
To know that love is always so near
To feel that kiss that reaches so deep
To know that her heart someone would keep
Safe and sound and free from all harm
Free to succumb to all his charm
But the dream will always disappear
And she’ll be left with nothing but fear


Tonight once more I will lay
With dreams full of what you say
The words playing in my head
The sweetest dreams are now thread
Of forever spent next to you
And all our wishes coming true
Each day waking in your sweet embrace
Gentle kisses that make my heart race

Looking Back

Music plays softly within my head
Whispering the words I wish I said
To those in my life long since gone
Passing through quickly like the dawn
Had I asked them to stay just a bit longer
Would it have made our bond just a bit stronger
Could they have found something to make them stay
If I did not always hold them at bay
So many times I tried to open up
To allow others to share from my cup
But maybe I didn’t try hard enough
Those times I tried to seem a bit too tough
Always said I could do it on my own
If only back then I had truly known