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Ringing Hollow

The sweetest words you can say
They don’t matter anyway
With no meaning they ring hollow
Empty sweetness hard to swallow
Stop thinking that you’re being kind
Stop believing that I’m so blind
Give me credit where credit’s due
It’s time I walk away from you


Your voice resonates in my mind
Softly ringing and unconfined
So many words are still unspoken
Longing for that lock to be broken
To hear all those words that you write
As I see your face in new light
To feel your touch and know you are real
To know you share everything I feel
By the look shining in your eye
And lips releasing that soft sigh
When you pull me close and whisper low
That from my eyes no more tears will flow
You make my heart finally whole
Starting a fire within my soul

Unspoken Words

the written word

Your sweet words I long to hear
Within my heart they are dear
They dry my tears and bring a smile
That sweet cadence that you compile
Their silent whisper soothes my soul
And slowly those words make me whole
Healing wounds that run so deep
An unheard voice in my sleep
Echoing forever in my mind
Your perfect words so sweetly divined

The Power of Words

These words that heal and purge my soul
Though darkness seems to take its toll
Releasing demons through this pen
On this page time and again
Each one expelled eases this load
Carried with me down this long road
Though they return once in a while
And seem to steal away my smile
Someday soon I’ll release them again
Through the words I conjure with this pen