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Coldest Rain

The coldest rain falls upon my heart
And inside I slowly fall apart
I sit and ponder all that’s wrong
Feeling as though I don’t belong
While others have a place to be
I will sit alone quietly
And turn my mind to these words I write
Seeking to erase my lonely plight


So I mentioned in a previous post that my son ran across some of my old poetry in a notebook.  I unfortunately seem to have “misplaced” all my old poetry from high school, but my kid did give me the ones he found in this notebook from my college days. 

So I’ve decided to share them.  They are from about 6 years ago and there only 4.  It looks like a couple aren’t complete, but I will finish them before I post them.  To be honest, I wouldn’t mind writing some new stuff, it’s really good therapy and a great art form to release emotions.  Maybe finishing and posting these will inspire me to write poetry again!