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Salvation or Damnation

A simple touch that can take my breath
And give all my doubts a bitter death
Longing for the feel of your skin
Silently begging deep within
The trace of your fingers upon my arm
And all of my defenses you disarm
The taste of your lips upon my own
Sweeter than anything that I’ve known
But though your love has been my salvation
I fear it may yet be my damnation
So prove me wrong and hold me near
Show me I have nothing to fear

These Dreams

Seeing your face, feeling your kiss
Your gentle touch is what I miss
I feel you with me in my dreams
Keep me from ripping at the seams
Counting days till I see you once more
And hear your sweet voice that I adore
To give you the love that you deserve
And so each moment we will preserve
To dream once more till I see you next
So sweet are these dreams and their effects