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Innocence Taken

Innocence lost so long ago
Childhood taken, she’s forced to grow
So much expected of that little child
So many burdens on her shoulders piled
Watching others as they laugh and play
And yet within these walls she must stay
What is the cost of stealing her youth
Those did this will not see the truth
So wrapped up in their own little lives
Ignoring how her spirit now strives
They don’t see the battle she fights
For her sanity in these nights

Young Love

Seeds and golden bokeh

As our love goes on full of youthful bliss
You pull me close for a lingering kiss
Holding me close as the stars come out
Thinking of our love without a doubt
Wondering how long it will last
Before we feel that cold, icy blast
When will our young love fall apart
And who will break whose tender heart


This was actually the first poem I ever wrote, it was for a contest when I was in 6th or 7th grade.  It did get published which was cool and this was what got me started in writing.  Although I seem to have, um, misplaced all that wrote when I was younger, I did actually get plaques for a couple that I had gotten published so I still have a few of the very first poems I ever wrote.